Your Happiness is My Greatest Happiness

I had a dream long time ago, dreaming that I have a car and drive the car to travel around the world with parents and children.


Today, it is especially sunny, and I suddenly wanted to take the elderly to Water Margin City. Having this idea, I wanted to start at once. I discussed it with my husband and acted immediately.


Perhaps it was the first time for us to go there, so just for an hour we actually felt it was too long. Our daughter was a little impatient and shouted, while my parents were enjoying the fun of taking a car, talking and laughing along the way. My father said he had long wanted to see the Water Margin City in Dongping. Seeing they were so pleased, I was rather happy in my heart.


As we looked forward to, we finally reached the Water Margin City, where a huge sign writing “the shooting location of 86-episode new Water Margin”. Previously, we only saw the…

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