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Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles combines adorable farming with open-world exploration. It’s the first game from developer Prideful Sloth, but its team members have game industry vets with experience at heavy hitters like Rocksteady Studios (the Batman: Arkham series). It’s coming out on June 18 for PC and PlayStation 4.

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It takes place on the magical island of Gemea, which is plagued by a mysterious dark shroud called the Murk. The Murk drove a lot of people away years ago, but some folks stuck around and avoided the areas that are still polluted. The only thing that can dispel it is the power of little magical creatures called sprites. Conveniently enough, your character is a Sprite-Seer, so your mission is to find sprites, restore the island, and figure out where the Murk comes from and stop it. While on your adventure, you get to farm, fish, craft, and explore the island.

What you’ll like

A beautiful world to explore.

There are eight different biomes, and each one is visually striking. Whenever I found a new town, it was genuinely cool because each one had its own personality. Every town specializes in a certain kind of trade, and it’s usually reflected in its design. The tinker’s guild town looks more mechanical with whirling lights and gizmos, whereas the constructor’s guild town has molten wax and fire everywhere.

Day-night cycles and weather also made the world feel fairly immersive. There are a lot of little nooks and crannies to explore, some of which hide secrets or treasure. One of my favorite caves has crayon drawings on the walls. I never learned who made the drawings or why, but the mystery was part of the fun.

The art style is adorable. There are cute animals to tame and capture for your farm — because what better way to show you love them than to keep them forever and ever by your side? — as well as a lot of big, bold colors that are a little cartoony but stylish.

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