World's first robot electric racer

The “DevBot” is an autonomous electric racing car — the first of its kind anywhere in the world, so say its developers, designed to reach speeds of 215 mph (350 kph) without anyone at the steering wheel.

A scary thought you might think, but not so say Roborace — the team of engineers and computer scientists behind it — who believe it will put people more at ease with the idea of driverless cars.

“It’s been created to show the capabilities and make people feel a bit more comfortable about autonomous cars — so we need to show that by doing some cool stuff,” Roborace’s head of PR Victoria Tomlinson told CNN.

The plan is eventually to have 10 autonomous cars all competing around a track in a Roborace series and performing stunts as part of Formula E race weekends.

‘Playing chicken’

“It’s more of an entertainment series to display the capabilities…

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