What to Teach Your Kids Regarding Desires of the Heart

Has your child grown old enough to start asking about love and relationships? Some parents, when faced with questions from their teens and preteens regarding desires of heart, tend to wince and clam up. They find it difficult to gauge what to say or what not to say to their kids, but at the same time hope to give them a solid idea of what a successful relationship is made of.

If you consider yourself that kind of parent, take heart. The last thing you should be in these situations is nervous or frightened. Love and relationships are perfectly natural things to wonder about; you were the same way when you were a kid!

If you need a little more help with these matters, here are some foolproof things to tell your child:

  1. There’s nothing wrong about being curious.

If your child is a teen or preteen, there’s a good chance that they might sound a little ashamed or afraid of asking you…

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