WCH Service Bureau Introduces Second Opinion Internal Billing Audit Package To Increase Medical Practice Profitability and Compliance

WCH Service Bureau, the leading private revenue cycle management company in the greater New York area, is introducing a new service to help medical practices re-capture up to 100 percent of their reimbursement, drastically reduce denied claims and ensure personnel compliance and accreditation.

A “WCH Second Opinion Internal Billing Audit” (http://wchsb.com/Second-Opinion-Audit) will help large, multi-office and specialty practices immediately recoup lost revenue due to a myriad of faulty billing practices, denied claims, inadequate staff training, and lax third-party biller oversight.

According to a report by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, nearly 42 percent of medical claims are coded incorrectly. Consequently, U.S. medical practices forfeit nearly $125 billion annually due these mistakes.

WCH utilizes advanced technology and expertise, based on best practices developed over 15 years in the medical billing and coding industry, to immediately identify coding errors, areas for improvement and other potential liabilities. Most importantly, WCH Second Opinion pays for itself by uncovering missed opportunities for recovering revenue.

“If your claims are being denied, you could be leaving many thousands of dollars of revenue on the table every year,” explains WCH Service Bureau Chief Operating Officer Olga Khabinskay. “Every medical practice should be auditing its billing practices annually to make sure everyone involved with billing, both internal staff and outside vendors, is staying up-to-date, keeping comprehensive records and complying with the latest rules and regulations for each insurer.”

Medical practices that utilize Second Opinion can be confident they are doing everything they can to maximize revenue and minimize common mistakes that could result in suspension of insurances or a medical…

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