Venice, Florence, Rome: New rules for tourists

The Mona Lisa, The Great Wall of China, The Trevi Fountain; it seems some of the wonders of the world are being destroyed by hoards of tourists. What can we do to protect them?

Tourists need to get their act together. Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

IT IS a good thing that travel has become more accessible than ever. Seeing the world teaches us tolerance and acceptance, gives us perspective, and pushes us out of our comfort zones.

But, for some, give an inch and they take a mile.

The behaviour some tourists partake in while travelling the globe is not just disrespectful, but downright stupid. And it’s ruining it for the rest of us.

It is getting so bad that some of the world’s most beautiful cities — and our favourite bucket-list destinations — are beginning to openly revolt against visitors from other countries.

If they’re not just blatantly hostile to tourists already — such as what is happening in Barcelona right now — they are forced to launch campaigns telling tourists how to behave, or forced to impose fines or bans on certain behaviours.

The really embarrassing thing is that some of the “rules” are so basic and commonsense that it is shameful.

Here are some of the cities which have resorted to imposing such “rules”.


Hostility towards tourists in the Italian city of Venice has been brewing for a while, but last month The City of Bridges announced its #EnjoyRespectVenezia campaign.

Aiming to promote better behaviour among the 25 million holiday-makers who visit the city annually, it will be spearheaded across social media and on posters at prominent tourists sites.

Visitors will be reminded not to swim in canals, make picnic stops out of public areas, pause too long on bridges, drop litter, ride bikes through the city or sightsee in swimsuits, according to The Independent.

Yes, despite all that seeming like a primary school textbook definition of how adults should not act, it’s all apparently common tourist behaviour.

Transgressors will…

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