Trump shows no signs of softening in wild post-debate blitz

There was a brief period back in the spring when the word “pivot” became a prevailing part of Donald Trump’s narrative. Trump was on his second campaign manager, Paul Manafort, who was assuring Republican Party officials and general public that Trump would change. He would become the general election candidate that conservatives needed him to be to beat Hillary Clinton. He would pivot.

Months later, it turns out, Manafort was right about one thing: Trump did pivot. It was just in the opposite direction than many in the GOP would have hoped, and Republican leaders made it clear Monday that they were getting exhausted. Yet in multiple rallies that day in Pennsylvania, Trump’s rhetoric turned even more caustic. His fierce barbs directed towards Clinton grew even more pronounced.

Trump’s first rally of the day was in Ambridge, where he went on a long diatribe, relitigating…

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