Top 10 Good Bills in Congress

There are some things that the House of Representatives are trying accomplish that should be supported in my opinion. Here is a hotlist of good legislation that is on the books.

These are not the only good things that could be done, and new legislation may be introduced periodically throughout the session, but these are those most promising:

10.H.R. 106 — Public Official Accountability Act

This bill provides for an extra two year penalty for any public elected or appointed official convicted of bribery, fraud, extortion, or theft of public funds greater than $10,000, not a mandatory, just an extra tool available to the judge.

9.H.R. 61 — Coach Act of 2011

This bill is to amend title 5 of the United States Code, to require Federal employees to use coach-class air travel in the United States except in limited circumstances.

8. H.R. 54 — Stand by your Oil Pollution Act or the STOP…

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