Thousands Of Sikhs Gathered In San Francisco To Commemorate The Martyrdom Of Guru Arjan And 33rd Anniversary Of Indian Attack On Golden Temple

California Sikh community commemorates the martyrdom of Guru Arjan the fifth Guru of the Sikh faith and the 33rd anniversary of the Indian government’s attack on the Sikh’s holiest shrine, the Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984.

More than 10,000 Sikhs from the Bay Area, Sacramento and Central Valley attended the event. The parade highlighted the fact that even after 33 years the religious and economic demands of the Sikh minority remain unaddressed and thousands of Sikhs are still sitting in jails to this day without being charged for any crime or wrong doing.Minorities in India continue to be persecuted and the victims of Sikh genocide that occurred in Delhi and other cities after the death of Indira Gandhi are still waiting for justice.

The event organizer Mr Jasdev Singh says,” we come here every year to commemorate our brothers and sisters who sacrificed their lives for the defense of Golden Temple. We should not forget them and we will not forget them”. “A separate Sikh state is the only solution to the safeguard of Sikhs”, he said.

On 16 June 1606, the then ruler of India, Mughal Emperor Jahangir, ordered that Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Sikh Guru to be tortured and sentenced to death after the Guru had refused to stop preaching his message of God as started by Guru Nanak. That there is one God and all creation is equal and must be treated as such. With Dignity, Justice.

The Guru was made to sit on a burning hot sheet while (technically you can’t say boiling sand I would just say hot sand) boiling hot sand was poured over his body. After enduring five days of unrelenting torture, Guru Arjan Dev was taken for a bath in the river. As thousands watched, he entered the river, never to be seen again.

In his lifetime, Guru Arjan accomplished two towering achievements: He successfully completed the…

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