This one tool will save your favorite cast iron pan


 (Courtesy of The Ringer)

Ever since I bought my Lodge cast iron pan two years ago, it’s taken up permanent residence on my stovetop. I use it year-round to make just about everything (except fried eggs), but fall is when I really put the pan to work: crispy hash browns for weekend brunch; chicken browned on the stove before getting roasted in the oven with a mess of root vegetables; apple crumble; crispy sausages with beans and greens.

The one thing all these foods have in common besides utter deliciousness is they’re all very good at leaving a layer of gunk and/or blackened char all over the bottom of my pan.

I spent the better part of two years searching for a cleaning method that will keep my pan shiny and debris-free but also doesn’t take a lot of work, because I am lazy. I tried scrubbing the pan with kosher…

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