This is not the Ken Bone you are looking for: Ex-WSU coach ‘proud’ of red-sweatered debate star

“This is the Ken Bone in Missoula,” said the former WSU coach after another Ken Bone, from Illinois, captured the hearts and imaginations of the country on Sunday.

Ken Bone started the phone conversation with an important clarification.

“This is the Ken Bone in Missoula,” he said.

It had been a strange and hilarious 24 hours for Bone, the former Washington State basketball coach, who just so happened to be watching the presidential debate Sunday night when a gentleman in a red sweater, wearing glasses and sporting a mustache, took a microphone and rose to ask a question, thus capturing the hearts and imaginations of the country.

That Kenneth Bone, a regular guy from Illinois, became an instant internet sensation, appearing in memes and GIFs on CNN and all over the internet. And it took no time at all for the other Ken Bone’s phone to…

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