The New Year DC Benefits of Pre-Workout Stretching

Did you know that it is important to stretch before and after your New Year DC runs?  There is plenty of time for you to run, right?  But, what about the time to prepare your body for the stress it will endure then helping it recover after the workout?  Perhaps you are not aware of the effects that not stretching can have on your body.  Stretching, like choosing correctly fitting shoes, will help prevent injuries, reduce muscle soreness after running, and will increase your performance as you run.  Keep those things in mind the next time you consider taking off before opening your muscles up.

When it comes to stretching, it is easy to do it improperly.  Your stretching routine and technique should be just as good as your running practice.  Like running, stretching can cause more harm than good if done incorrectly, and that is counter-productive to the task.  There are some things to remember when you are stretching.  A lot of people were taught to “bounce” while stretching, but that is totally wrong.  You want to stretch and relax your muscles; bouncing can tear muscles.  Another way you might tear a muscle is by applying a stretch too quickly or too far.  Professionals in the City stretches should be gradual.  Hold your stretches for about half of a minute.  If you begin to feel tightness in the muscle, that is an okay and normal feeling.  However, do not push through that point because feeling pain is not a good thing here.

Pre-workout muscle stretching is important and crucial after your warm up but before your run.  Once you are warmed up, your muscles will stretch easier.  They will also be less prone to injuries at that point.  You can find a lot of New Year DC pre- and post-workout stretch ideas online.  Do not forget that stretching is like fuel for your muscles, and they will perform better to give your body better results than if you skip them.  You would not run without eating first, nor would you skip your post-run refuel.  Why…

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