The Kass Law of Fair and Honest Taxation

Tax time has come and gone. And once again the bloodsucking weasels in Washington got what they wanted — our blood, in the form of taxes.

And once again, I, a humble American middle-class taxpayer, didn’t get what I wanted. We never really get what we want, but I wanted something that wouldn’t cost the federal government a dime of revenue:

All I wanted was a simple tax law.

Call it the Kass Law of Fair and Honest Taxation.

This law has nothing to do with not paying taxes, or having my taxes reduced or skipping out on my fair contributions to our great society that we pay for.

We’ll pay. Everybody pays. I promise.

So if you’re one of those angry George Soros-funded activists of the political left, please don’t clench your black-gloved fists in rage and beat my face to a pulp in the name of denying me free speech. And please don’t set both of your turgid left thumbs to work on Twitter to denounce me for being a white male, or some other such illegal and dangerous creature, and demand I be fired from my day job.

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