The Happy Juul Company Are Brightening Up iMessage Conversations Around TheWorld With iOS Sticker App “Happy Juul”.

Happy Juul available now for iPhone and iPad

Happy the dog, Rainbow giraffe, Lila the bird, Ducky (the duck!) and more fun characters are brightening up iMessage conversations around the globe, as The Happy Juul Company are proud to launch their new iOS Sticker App “Happy Juul”.

Offering over 100 stickers, “Happy Juul” allows people of all ages to add charm, fun & color to their daily iMessage conversations. The stickers have been specifically selected to convey various emotions and activities in a light-hearted & inspiring way: users can tell friends or loved ones they are having fun cooking, riding their bike or simply feeling playful (amongst a host of other emotive stickers), by simply dropping the image anywhere into the conversation.

The “Happy Juul” iOS Sticker app is based on four books in the series – with more on the way – that feature spectacular full-color illustrations, spellbinding storylines, unforgettable characters, and an all-important teaching and development aspect that helps young people learn about the importance of being honest, respecting differences, solving problems, and other valuable life lessons.

The books entitled “Rainbow & Lila – The Secret of Friendship”, “Happy Juul & Friends – Uniting a Family”, “Rainbow & Lila – Asking for Help” and “Happy Juul & Friends – Taking the Right Decision” bring the loveable animals to life in creative and imaginative stories the reflect real-life situations and help teach children the important values in life.

“The idea for the Happy Juul & Friends was inspired by our desire to provide children all around the world – including our three year-old daughter – with the opportunity to avoid negative TV influences, and instead dive into…

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