The Haggler: A Bean Bag Blowout, and Then a Deafening Silence


Christoph Hitz

In this episode, a Haggler intervention and then a pair of updates about previous columns. There is a lot of ground to cover and consumer justice to dispense. So let’s go.

Q. In August of last year, I purchased three bean bag chairs for my kids from PBTeen, Pottery Barn’s teen-targeted store. In March, I realized that one of the inserts had burst, because when I unzipped the cover, thousands of those little white foam beads scattered all over the place. I called PBTeen’s customer service and spoke with a representative, who said I needed to send a photo of the defective insert to an email address. I did that.

After hearing nothing for a couple of months, I called again. A different rep said that PBTeen doesn’t make those inserts anymore. I asked for a refund, but she said…

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