Tesla Insider Leaks Model 3 Production Details & Options At Launch


Published on June 18th, 2017 |
by Kyle Field

June 18th, 2017 by  

Trevor, the founder of the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club, posted an update today with some of the production details and options at launch for the soon-to-be-released Tesla Model 3. He specifically noted that things are going to get moving very quickly and that it’s time to “hold onto your hats” because Model 3 is going to start rolling out fast and furious over the next few weeks.

[Editor’s Note: Note that this follows a history of bold rumors Trevor has picked up and presented as highly likely … rumors that played out and have given Trevor a quite reliable track record. Someone may be breaking their work contract or supplier NDA, but it seems to be a real human, not a nefarious prankster.]

A Simple Configurator

Trevor related that his insider shared a bit about the configurator, confirming that it would indeed only be offering a choice of color and wheel size. Elon Musk said as much in the recent annual shareholder meeting but it was not clear if those would be the only options. From this update, it appears that is the case. The sparse options would be in place for about the first 3 months until production is stabilized and begins to ramp up.

He confirmed that the configurator will show all options whether or not they are available along with the timing in which they are expected. That allows reservation holders to see how long they will have to wait for a must-have feature like a glass roof or all-wheel drive (AWD) before locking in the final order … or waiting another 6 months for it.

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