Telewave’s Portable Broadband RF Wattmeters Offer Versatility and 500 Watt Capability for Testing up to 1000 MHz

Model 44AP, Telewave’s 20-1000MHz RF Wattmeter with -40dB Sampling Port

Both the Model 44A (20MHz – 1,000 MHz) and the Model 44L1 (2MHz – 200MHz) can measure anywhere from 1 to 500 watts of RF power. A simple forward and reverse switch lets the user quickly toggle between modes, and allows rapid VSWR calculations by comparing the forward and reverse power levels with the convenient VSWR calculation chart on the back of the unit. These rugged and portable devices are ideal for a variety of fixed radio tower measurements; and mobile radio installation measurements for aircraft, land vehicles, or naval platforms.

Telewave’s broadband RF wattmeters are packed with many convenient features and accessories that ease the complex troubleshooting, installation, and verification processes associated with working at radio sites.

To provide the utmost in RF power measurement accuracy over the full power scale, the wattmeters feature five power scales ranging from 5, 15, 50, 150, and 500 watts. These wattmeters offer incredible stability and reliable measurement consistency without any optional external hardware, or calibration with secondary standard references.

The detectors are temperature compensated, allowing more consistent performance over a wide range of operating temperatures. Moreover, the detectors and meter movement are shock mounted in a rugged, die cast housing – further enhancing the durability of the unit.

The Model 44AP and Model 44L1P versions feature an integrated bi-directional RF sampling port which is isolated by 40 dB from the thru connectors. A variety of LMR test equipment can be connected to this BNC female connector such as Signal Analyzers, Signal Generators, etc.

The wattmeters are compatible with the Quick…

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