Step into Fullerton's Lost Levels and relive your childhood

Steve Torres and Matt Vasquez live in an 8-bit world.

Co-owners of downtown Fullerton’s Lost Levels, a retro gaming store and arcade, the two specialize in rekindling fond childhood memories.

The catalyst? Vintage arcade machines and a stunning collection of video games patrons young and old likely grew up playing for hours on end.

Twenty-five cents at this gamer’s paradise buys three lives and nostalgia for which most would pay top dollar.

“We’ve been around this forever, and opening this business was a dream come true,” Torres said. “It’s great. I work 15-hour days, but it doesn’t feel like I’m working. Gaming is a passion, and what’s rewarding is when people walk through that door and a rush of memories hits them, and they smile and they thank you.”

Torres, 36, remembers winning a $2,000 shopping spree to Toys ‘R’ Us as a kid. He bought…

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