Snail at heart of matchmaking campaign has been dumped by his two mates

Jeremy’s stuck in the friend zone and babysitting the kids (Picture: Angus Davison, University of Nottingham)

A snail with a rare anti-clockwise pattern on its shell has found out the hard way that love is dead.

Last year, researchers managed to pair Jeremy, who is unable to mate with snails whose shells spiral the normal way, with two potential mates.

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The international search ended in Jeremy being introduced to Lefty, who was found in Ipswich, and Tomeau, who was flown in from Majorca.

But that is where this love story ends – because Lefty and Tomeau have only gone and had loads of babies with each other. Typical.

Jeremy’s minder Dr Angus Davison, an evolutionary geneticist at the University of Nottingham, told MailOnline: ‘It is a bit like introducing a girl you like to your best friend, only for them to run off together.

Lefty and Tomeau are getting on very well (Picture: Angus Davison, University of Nottingham)
Jeremy, on top, has learned harsh lessons about love (Picture: Angus Davison, University of Nottingham)

‘It was disappointing, because everyone wants to know what has happened with Jeremy and we get calls all the time.

‘But it has not stopped us getting to the bottom of the science, and we are still hopeful he will mate.’

Snails are able to reproduce on their own without a mate, but researchers said an offspring from two ‘lefty’ snails would be more valuable for studies.

As if to rub it in poor Jeremy’s face, Lefty and Tomeau have had 170 babies since they began producing eggs in April.

However, Jeremy has already become an uncle to the babies, according to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Although it sounds more like the friend zone, if you ask me.

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