Samsung’s Passive Response to Note 7’s Overheating Problem Draws Criticism

After Samsung Electronics halted production of its high-end smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, it posted a statement on its website telling owners of the phone to power it down immediately and contact the outlet they bought it from to obtain a refund or an exchange.

But for people to see those words, they had to click a link at the top of Samsung’s home page with the not-so-urgent label “Updated Consumer Guidance for the Galaxy Note 7.” As of Tuesday afternoon, the instructions had not been posted to Samsung’s Facebook page or the company’s Twitter account.

For some who work in crisis management, it was a baffling and overly passive way for the South Korean electronics giant to deal with a prominent problem that has worsened in the last month.

“That ought to be more visible — this is pretty serious,” Andrew Gilman, the chief executive of the crisis communications…

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