Rowdy raccoons

Jerry Cahill of Tukwila caught a group of young raccoons goofing around at Westport.

Photographer: Jerry Cahill, Tukwila

Photo taken: Oct. 9, Westport

Photographer’s description: We were on a break in Westport. When we went down by the jetty we saw these raccoons playing. We watched them for quite awhile and as we did so they began to watch us and I started taking pictures. We were fortunate to capture this portraitlike photo. I use a Nikon DSLR camera.”

Katie’s critique: “This tack-sharp family portrait is beyond cute. The photographer did a great job of getting in tight while also using the rule-of-thirds well with those adorable faces aligned along the top third. A nice moment with the right little guy sticking out his tongue.”

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