Review: ‘Godzilla’ Returns, Again, With a Wink


A scene from “Shin Godzilla.”

Toho Co./Funimation Productions

You either like your “Godzilla” movies slick and high-budget, like the 1998 American version that starred Matthew Broderick, or you like them with a rickety, 1950s feel that evokes the original.

“Shin Godzilla,” the latest revisiting by the Japanese studio Toho, which has been riding the big lizard since 1954, is certainly in the second camp, winkingly so.

It’s choppy and full of special effects that seem deliberately designed not to impress — except when they do. The story is so sketchy that it’s hard to follow, with a blizzard of characters and cameos that presumably mean more to a Japanese audience than to an American one. The film is at its best when it’s in parody mode, though it keeps…

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