Relax and Rock with an AB Rocket Twister

Keeping fit and improving the shape of your body has developed into something of a competition among certain segments of the population. This has promoted a demand for various and wonderful types of fitness and body development equipment with some emphasis on less stress and time needed for working out.

With an innovative design and relatively relaxed operating, you are now able to start improving your physique with some significant “abs”, by using the AB Rocket Twister. Various indications show that this equipment, by the simple process of rocking backwards and forwards, will make your crunches, reverse crunches and oblique exercises and others, less strenuous. You are offered a variety of options that include twisting and turning your lower back region, all designed to maximize your workout. With three different resistance springs to choose from, you are able to control the degree of tension to meet your particular ability. Prevention of neck and back pain is provided by cushioning support and massage by using rollers, during the exercising process.

To help every user of the AB Rocket Twister, especially those who are new to this type of equipment, there is a DVD provided with each unit. It caters for any level of experience from the beginner to advanced, with the facility for the user to adjust the strenuous levels with the use of tension cords. The suppliers have taken into consideration that a healthy diet should be combined with healthy exercise. To facilitate and ensure maximum benefit, a designed meal planner and recipe book are part of the package when you purchase this equipment.

Obtaining maximum improvement for the “abs” in the least time is the goal of most body and fitness developers. This ambition is realized by just sitting down and rocking, without pain and stress, with the added benefit of the “twister” facility, giving the oblique’s their own designed workout. However, to ensure the correct operation and to receive the best results, it is…

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