Race/Related: ‘Go Back to China’: Readers Respond to Racist Insults Shouted at a New York Times Editor

Some comments have been edited for clarity.

Memories of Racist Attacks

Many Asian-American readers recalled their own painful experiences with racist attacks.

“When I was 7, my father had to explain the word ‘chink’ to me bc our neighbors had spray painted it on our front steps. (I am also Korean)” — @melaniekdu

“Uncle’s car vandalized ‘Go back to China’ while parked in his own driveway in Dallas. I was 8. I cried a lot.” — @larryluk

“My drill sergeants used to tell me in the US Army we are not white black brown or yellow, we are all Army green. Yet when a fellow soldier called me “Private Ching Chong” I had to fight tooth and nail to even convince my superiors that this was a racist comment. I was willing to fight and bleed for my country, was born and raised in this country, yet had to fight to convince them I…

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