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Quilting, a hobby sometimes associated with our grandmothers or perhaps mothers, is now making its way into the craft rooms of young women from all walks of life. What was once a thrifty way to use up fabric scraps to create warm blankets is now a pastime that is inspiring young women to create artistic pieces including clothing, handbags and home décor. I recently spoke with three local thirty-somethings to get to know the next generation of quilt enthusiasts.

Lindsey Kleinschmidt, a stay at home mom of two, discovered her love of quilting a little over twelve years ago. Once she learned the basics of quilting from her mother-in-law, quilting quickly became an enormous part of her life.

“I didn’t know anything about quilting, it was all brand new. I thought it looked fun and I wanted to try it,” shared Kleinschmidt.

Kleinschmidt now owns a computer-operated long arm quilting machine that takes up most of her quilting room on its own twelve foot table. Once Kleinschmidt sews together a quilt top, she then programs the pattern into the machine’s computer, which does all of the stitching to create the final product.

“I can do really cool designs — flowers, swirls, feathers — whatever I want. They come out completely perfect because it’s all digital,” Kleinschmidt said.

Becky Glasby, Director of Education at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, not only promotes the craft of quilting through school outreach, summer camps, and adult courses, but is also a skilled quilter herself. One summer during her high school years, Glasby was taught the basics of quilting by her aunt and has gradually improved her skills over the years. While completing her degree in historic preservation, Glasby worked on quilting as her schedule allowed, but is now able to spend more time completing advanced, larger scale quilting projects….

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