Protect Your Travel Plans during the 2017 Hurricane and Typhoon Travel Alert

The Department of State alerts U.S. citizens to the Hurricane and Typhoon Seasons in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico. Most tropical cyclones typically develop between May and October. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recommends that those in hurricane and typhoon prone regions begin preparations for the upcoming seasons now. This Travel Alert expires on December 1, 2017.

The NOAA predicts that the prone regions have a 45 percent chance of an “above-normal” season, with a 70 percent chance of 11-17 storms with winds 39 miles per hour or greater. Of these, five to nine will strengthen into a hurricane (74 mph or higher) and two to four will become major hurricanes, with winds 111 mph or higher.

With the summer travel season in full swing, the unpredictability of hurricanes means travel plans could potentially be threatened. Airports will close or limit flights due to flooding, extreme winds, and flooding. A greater number of flights will be delayed or filled causing travelers itineraries to not go as planned. Travel Insured International, a leading travel protection provider offers a few tips to help travelers protect their upcoming 2017 travel plans.

Before Leaving – Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, or STEP, which allows travelers to receive relevant information regarded the area they will be traveling on the spot.

Purchase a plan no matter where you are traveling to. – A common mistake travelers make during hurricane season is assuming there will not be any issues because the planned destinations would most likely not be in the path of a hurricane. Storms can delay or cancel flights around the world, ultimately delaying the itinerary no matter the location.

Purchase a plan before the…

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