Proper utilization of renewable energy – Sustainable way forward for Pakistan

Thing to remember: Pakistan is rich in terms of clean and sustainable energy sources.

Why nobody wants a long term solution – who is responsible? Is it necessary to deal everything in a worst way? Why leaders are not removing obstacles to the new visions? Don’t we have enough potential to make it feasible for betterment of mankind? – I always wonder.”

Although Pakistan’s energy infrastructure is making some progress yet most of the new capacity addition plans are not sustainable and beneficial for the environment. The whole world is moving towards alternative and sustainable solutions of energy. Pakistan should also diversify its energy mix by harnessing vast potential of natural resources such as hydropower, solar, biogas and wind available in the country. The renewable energy future prospects are encouraging in the country and it can be utilized to overcome the power shortage issue. The diversification of existing energy resources and exploration of new sources is an important aspect to be considered in order to have a sustainable power development and its implementation in the country.

“Does Installation of new coal-fired power plants make any sense when a solution to sustainable development is needed? When we burn coal for electricity, we place our health, our environment, our economy, and our planet at risk. Thoughts need to be changed for sustainable development. We can shift our nation away from dirty fossil fuels and toward cleaner, renewable sources of power to develop science-based solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.”

Pakistan is among top rated countries in term of sunshine hours and daily solar radiations falling on the surface. This available potential of solar energy could be utilized to electrify off-grid areas. Individual units can be installed to fulfill the energy requirements of each house. Facilities and training should be provided to individuals so that they can install solar operated power system to fulfill…

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