Peregrine Performance Group Announces New JobAider™ App That Helps Workforces Capture and Share Expertise

JobAider for Capturing, Sharing, Managing Expertise

Business leaders are looking for faster, better and cheaper ways to support their workforces and sharing expert job aids with JobAider is a great way to do that.

Peregrine Performance Group announced today JobAider™, the enterprise app for creating and using job aids. With the rise in mobile learning and support, JobAider™ helps an organization’s workforce create job aids and make them instantly available for their co-workers to use. With JobAider™, workers can share and access expertise and performance support informally and just-in-time.

Russ Powell, co-founder and principal of Peregrine Performance Group stated, “Business leaders are looking for faster, better and cheaper ways to support their workforces and job aids are a great way to do that. We all know that training can get expensive. When you have a great, useful job-aid—for your workers or your customers—you can reduce the need for training.”

Since learning and support increasingly take place anywhere and everywhere, JobAider™ is a mobile tool that goes where the workforce goes. Experts use JobAider™ to quickly capture what they know and do—using video, audio, photos, and text—and then instantly share that information across the enterprise to help others build their own expertise. When a worker needs to know how to perform a task, they can turn to JobAider™ to quickly figure out what to do and how to do it—from an expert.

Job aids are effective learning and support tools because they provide relevant guidance to workers in small, easy-to-follow chunks at the time of need. Job aids can be used to break down simple tasks and very complicated processes into…

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