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Parking tickets could be avoided thanks to the ‘grace period’

Drivers who receive a parking ticket could avoid getting a fine thanks to the ‘grace period’.

The grace period can give drivers up to an extra 10 minutes to get back to their car before they receive a ticket. 

A change in the law in 2015 introduced this rule all on-street or off-street council parking places.

For years driver have complained about prowling wardens slapping tickets on their cars within minutes of the ticket expiring. 

A recent report by The Sunday Times revealed that one motorists successfully appealed against a parking ticket using the telematics in their car. 

Rosaria Roberts appealed against the ticket after the telematics box revealed her son was fined for failing to pay in a town centre car park while he was using the pay and display machine to buy a ticket.

However, motorists are being warned not to rely on the grace period. 

A spokesperson for London Councils explained the ‘grace period’ and why it isn’t so straight forward. 

In essence any grace period depends on the contravention

London Council spokesperson

“In essence any grace period depends on the contravention. 

“The Deregulation Act 2015 made some amendments to the General Regulations of Traffic Management Act 2004. 

“These included the limiting of the use of CCTV for parking contraventions and the introduction of a grace period of 10 minutes in certain contraventions.

“If a vehicle is parked legally on a designated parking bay when it is initially parked, then you should apply a ten minute grace period before issuing a PCN from the moment it becomes parked illegally”       


The grace period is usually around 10 minutes

“The key thing is the vehicle has to be in a designated parking place and legally parked at the time of parking to be allowed a grace period.

“Prior to the introduction of the  Deregulation Act 2015, authorities had their own grace periods (usually around five minutes) for vehicles parked where they were allowed, but in contravention.

“It should be noted that a grace period is not the same as an observation period. 

“An observation period is an amount of time during which a vehicle is monitored to ensure that it is complying with the appropriate restrictions e.g. to see if a vehicle is loading or unloading and therefore entitled to an exemption to do so.”

Examples when a ‘grace period’ is and isn’t allowed…

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