New comic book depicts "dark side" of France's Marine Le Pen

PARIS A new satirical comic book is out in France entitled “The Dark Side of Marine le Pen” whose authors say they hope to educate young people about the true colors of the National Front (FN) as the party strives to adopt a mainstream image.

Le Pen, the FN leader, has softened the party’s tone in hopes of luring center-right voters to her run in next year’s presidential election, riding disenchantment with immigration and the European Union.

But Riss, a cartoonist with satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo who co-produced the new comic, says first-time voters may not grasp what he regards as the FN’s core extremism. That’s where “The Dark Side of Marine le Pen” comes in.

“Time is passing and a new generation of voter is coming through. You realize that there is a young set of voters who aren’t very demanding ideologically and who sometimes don’t even know the history of the National…

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