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In a little more than two calendar years, the Anderson High School basketball program has had nearly as many coaches (five) as victories (seven).

“There’s no consistency, there’s no stability, there’s no expectation,” said Mike Elliott, who took the job in April with the intention of fixing those issues. “That’s hard to get out in a short period of time.”

Elliott, 43, comes from a program that had all of those things. He coached under Doug Mitchell at North Central for two stints as an assistant and also built a program as a head coach at Howe from 2010 to ’13.

Elliott, a star player at North Central in the early 1990s, saw firsthand how it can look when the Anderson program is thriving. He played against the Indians in the Wigwam, an 8,996-capacity arena that was once a jewel of the state and known throughout the country.

The Wigwam has sat empty since 2011, a relic of the glory days. But Elliott is not giving up hope that there could come a day when Anderson plays there again. BWI, a real estate company from Indianapolis, has owned the Wigwam since 2014.  

“My hope is that we are good enough to play there,” Elliott said. “Instead of just opening the doors, are we worthy enough to walk through those doors? That’s our focus right now.”

In order to get there, one of Elliott’s first phone calls was to one of the stars from the glory days. Kojak Fuller, the 1993 IndyStar Mr. Basketball, was more than happy to hear from Elliott. Fuller, an electric 5-7 guard as a player, can share basketball and life experiences as an assistant. Fuller has turned his life around after he served almost eight years in prison for a 1999 conviction for dealing crack…