Nancy O'Dell says "there is no room for objectification of women"

LOS ANGELES “Entertainment Tonight” host Nancy O’Dell says women shouldn’t be objectified, even in the locker room.

In remarks that aired Monday on the entertainment news show, O’Dell addressed crude, taped comments made about her by GOP presidential contender Donald Trump in 2005 and his response to their release.

Referring to a statement issued Saturday, O’Dell repeated her assertion that “there is no room for objectification of women” or anyone. She then added, “not even in the locker room.”

Rumors spread on the Internet over the weekend that there were similar tapes behind the scenes at “The Apprentice,” which Trump hosted from 2004-15. “The Apprentice” producer Mark Burnett issued a statement Monday saying he and MGM, which owns Burnett’s production company, saying they would not be releasing any tapes from behind the scenes at…

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