Nabra Hassanen’s father says she was ‘100%’ killed for being Muslim

The father of the murdered Muslim teenager Nabra Hassanen has said he believes his daughter was “100%” killed because of her faith, despite police ruling that it was not a hate crime.

Mohmoud Hassanen was asked by The Guardian if his daughter was killed “because she was Muslim”. “I believe so, 100%,” he replied. “In the McDonald’s there’s a lot of kids, a lot of people; why did he run behind this girl especially? For what?

“When I go to court I’m going to look him in the eye: why did you do this to my daughter? Then I’m going to forgive him and leave him to God’s face. The lord is going to judge him. He took my daughter’s life.”

The teenage girl was accosted by a passing motorist while leaving the International House of Pancakes early Sunday morning. The girl and her friends, who were dressed in traditional Muslim robes, had just finished their last meal of the day before their Ramadan fast.

Local police say the motorist got out of his car and began assaulting the teenager. Her friends ran for help at a local mosque, setting off an 11-hour police hunt for the missing girl.

While searching for Ms Hassanen, police officers saw Darwin Martinez Torres driving suspiciously and arrested him as a suspect, before charging him with murder.

The mosque, All Dulles Area Muslim Society (Adams), has called on law enforcement to determine the motive of the crime and “prosecute to the full extent of the law”.

“We are devastated and heartbroken as our community undergoes and processes this traumatic event,” it said in a statement.

Juvenile court officials, however, told The Independent that Martinez had not been charged with a hate crime. He appeared in court on Monday to face one count of second-degree murder.

The Fairfax County police also said they were not investigating the incident as a hate crime. Police department spokesperson Don Gotthardt told The Independent there was no indication that the crime was connected to Ms Hassanen’s religion, dress, or…

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