Mysterious genetic disease causes sufferers to swell to double their size at random

A rare genetic disorder causes sufferers to swell as if they are having an allergic reaction – but it happens at random. 

Hereditary angioedema (or HAE) is a condition that deprives the blood of protein. 

For some reason, this leads sufferers to have spontaneous attacks of swelling that could stop them from breathing. 

And drug manufacturers are only just beginning to develop a kind of antihistamine that may be able to provide instant relief.

One sufferer, Linda Miller of Houston, Texas, described her condition to Click 2 Houston.  


Linda Miller, who has HAE, pictured without a reaction
During a reaction

Linda Miller, who has HAE, pictured (left) without a reaction, and (right) during a reaction

Normally a slender and physically fit mother, Miller has regular attacks that cause her entire face to fill with fluid.

But she says she never knows when to expect an attack.

‘The windpipe can swell shut and then you…

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