Mixpo Launches ‘Amplifier’ to Power Publisher Digital Promotions

“As events change it is so easy to make creative changes on the fly. Mixpo is working for our promotions team and helping our newsroom.”

Mixpo, an advertising technology solution for publishers, announced on Monday that it is rolling out a program designed specifically for television station marketing and promotion professionals.

The program, called Amplifier, is a new way for Mixpo to help TV stations promote their brands and programming through a combination of digital ad products designed to create promotional inventory, tools to simplify creative services workflows, and tactics that extend sponsorship opportunities.

Hans-Eric Gosch, Director of Business Development at Mixpo, oversees Amplifier and has worked closely with hundreds of local TV stations to grow programming awareness through digital platforms.

“To date, Mixpo’s digital promotion work with station groups has been overwhelmingly Sweeps-focused,” said Gosch. “But after a deep evaluation of the needs of creative services teams, we found that daily promotion across their owned channels is a major challenge they face.”

According to Gosch, the two issues underlying this challenge are a lack of digital inventory dedicated to extending topical, TSR and image spots online, and an inability of promo teams to easily build, update and schedule campaigns when inventory does become available.

“Mixpo is solving for the digital avails challenge in two ways,” he explained. “First, our new outstream ads unlock premium video inventory where it didn’t exist before, like between paragraphs of an article. Second, Amplifier incentivizes teams to allocate digital inventory to promotion via sponsored spots that include valuable advertiser space and engagement opportunities…

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