Mark Duffield announces release of ‘Time Travel Warriors’

Mark Duffield often made up a story to his two boys during bedtime. One particular cold, winter’s night, the boys asked him for a story about time travel. From this simple bedtime story, its plot grew and he began to write “Time Travel Warriors” (published by Trafford Publishing), an action-packed adventure about time travel.

The book tells the story of Luke and Scott Worthington as they create a time machine in a bungled Christmas day experiment. In their struggle to return home, their journey sees them hurled back and forth in time coming face to face with ferocious dinosaurs, fighting gladiators in ancient Rome and flying space ships in the distant future. With help coming from two elite Time Warriors in Percy and Troy, they have to find the mythical Crystal of Time, capture an evil Time Guardian, defeat a skeleton army that cannot be killed and save the universe. Will Luke and Scott succeed?

“This book transports readers to another world where they can sympathize with the characters’ struggles and adversities and celebrate their victories,” Duffield says. “It’s fun, easy to read, and enjoyable. It gives you a nice, warm feeling.”

An excerpt from the book reads:

‘But we’re not as strong and brave as you are, Percy. We’ll never make a warrior like you. You’re not frightened of anything. You’re so courageous,’ said Luke, looking up to Percy in more ways than one. ‘I can assure you that I am frightened of many things, including the tiniest little spider. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s the judgement that something else is more important than the fear itself.’ The boys nodded, understanding this subtle explanation, and went to bed without any further questions.

“Time Travel Warriors”

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