Making Sous Vide Simplify Work for You

But what if sous vide actually made life easier for the home cook, even on weeknights?

J. Kenji López-Alt, the managing culinary director of the website Serious Eats and the author of “The Food Lab,” a cookbook about the science of cooking, said that the sous-vide machine could leave the realm of specialty cooking and enter the world of convenience if people just planned ahead weekly or monthly.

“Most people, when they think about dinner, say, ‘What can I get at the grocery store now and get going tonight?’” he said. “It requires a lot more forethought.”

It also requires bigger thinking — as in bigger than a single steak.

To fit sous vide into his schedule, Grant Crilly, a founder of ChefSteps, a recipe website and technology company in Seattle that is devoted to the cooking method, turns to two economical cuts of meat,…

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