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Millions of you waking up to weather that is changing by the minute right now. Yeah, major storm that carved a path of destruction across the country is moving out as we come on the air. Behind it a rush of cold air so if you’re feeling warm air right now you’re most likely in for a rude awakening. As this storm Ed through the midwest and northeast it brought with is a treacherous cocktail of heavy snow, freezing rain and sleet all of which combined to cause highway accidents and closures. The northeast dealing with major flooding. This morning we want you to look at this video out of Jefferson county, New York. Chunks of ice just washing up on the road. Not what you want to see. As we mentioned after the floods, the deep freeze look at this map of the frigid temperatures about to set in and rob is tracking it all. Rob, good morning. Good morning, guys. Be careful what you wish for. Big warm-up that causing its own set of problems. The cold air where the rain and sleet is turing over to snow. That’s where the frigid arctic air is and this storm coming a week after the big blizzard but entirely different. Another massive winter storm dumping snow, sleet and rain creating dangerous conditions from the temperature valley through new England. Outside Nashville yesterday a massive pileup involving dozens of semi trucks and cars shutting down the westbound lane of I-40 and nearly killer Walter colder and his wife. My wife screamed somebody hit us in the back and another semi that couldn’t stop head-on collision and got hit in the front. Reporter: In Ohio and Kentucky heavy snow creating whiteout conditions on the roads there causing multiple dents. Near Pittsburgh, rising temperatures melting snow and relentless rain causing flooding and overtaking roadways. The conditions are only worsening. Reporter: This showing what an ice jam can do rising the river quickly before the ice floes downstream….

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