Magical Incense for Meditation and Reflection

The word “incense” originally comes from the Latin incendere, meaning “to burn”.

Of course when we use incense, burning is exactly what we do. Its purpose is to release an fragrance into the atmosphere that triggers our senses and creates a calm, restful mood. In this manner it is widely used in rituals and in religious ceremonies, as well as in meditation.

The practice of burning incense is believed to have its roots in North Africa, to which aromatic gum resins were imported from the coast of Somalia for use in religious events. It is the combination of this plant source with sundry essential oils from which incense derives. The pharaohs of Egypt used it not only as a means of eliminating unpleasant smells but also to repulse demons and thereby pleasing their gods. From there it is said to have spread to Greece and on to Rome, before finding its way across the remainder of the…

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