Lutronic PICOPLUS Receives the CE Mark for its Validated 450 ps Pulse Width and is Featured in a Scientific Reports Article for its Proven Photoacoustic Effect

Lutronic announces the receipt of CE marking for its faster PICOPLUS 450 ps pulse width and a new published paper entitled ‘Pattern analysis of laser-tattoo interactions for picosecond- and nanosecond-domain 1,064-nm neodymium-doped yttrium-aluminum-garnet lasers in tissue-mimicking phantom’ featured in Nature’s specialty journal Scientific Reports May 08, 2017. The paper focuses on comparing the dual picosecond (ps) and nanosecond (ns) pulsewidths featured in the PICOPLUS laser, which also features four wavelengths. The study outlined the macroscopic laser-tattoo interactions in tissue-mimicking (TM) phantoms treated with 1064 nm ps- and ns-domain laser energy, as well as exploring the reactions to multiple passes and combination of pulsewidths.

The authors of the article analyzed and compared patterns of laser-tattoo interactions using ps and ns pulsewidth Nd:YAG laser energy on a tattoo pigment-embedded TM phantom. Additionally, time-dependent interactions from laser irradiation to Photoacoustic Injury Zones formation in the simulated tissue surrounding the tattoo pigment were captured with high-speed cinematography.

Their experiments included:

  •     Effects of ps and ns Nd:YAG laser treatment on tattoo ink embedded in the TM phantoms.
  •     Combined treatment with ps and ns Nd:YAG lasers on tattoo ink embedded in the TM phantoms.
  •     High-speed cinematography of ps and ns Nd:YAG laser treatment of tattoo ink embedded in the TM phantoms.

Findings included:

  •     The core pigments of the baseline tattoos were more markedly fragmented and dispersed to the peripheral areas of the PIZs with the ps treatment than with the ns treatment.
  •     Disintegrated particles created during the ps treatment were more evenly distributed…

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