Low Glycemic Dessert For Better Health

For most people, eating a meal will not be complete if there is no dessert to finish it off.  Desserts are generally sweet; so health-conscious people just skip eating desserts even if their taste buds are craving for these sweets. Even so, there is no reason to suppress your taste buds if there are healthier food options such as low glycemic desserts.  

GI or glycemic index is a measure of the effects of food in the level of blood glucose during the two hours after foods are consumed. When you eat foods with high carbohydrates contents, blood glucose instantly rises and insulin is produced; glucose is then pushed out from the blood to the body tissues; thus leading to the dropped level of blood glucose.  Eating low GI foods will result to a steadier and more stable rise of glucose levels. 

Benefits of low GI desserts.  

• These low glycemic desserts will help avoid the…

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