Loyola Marymount University has been officially notified that its Prof. Michael Genovese has been named the 2017 American Political Science Assn. Distinguished Teaching Award. This is only the fifth time in the award’s history that this has been bestowed by APSA.

APSA’s recognition is testament to Prof Genovese’s many and continuing accomplishments and success as a teacher-scholar. Michael will be honored at APSA on August 30th for his dedication to the field of political science in educating students. The official ASPA announcement states: “The award was created on the recommendation of APSA’s Teaching and Learning Committee and has been endowed through generous gifts from APSA members. It signals the central role of teaching in the profession.”

Here is the link to the APSA article: http://www.politicalsciencenow.com/michael-genovese-2017-distinguished-teacher-award-recipient/

The following gracious and knowledgeable tribute was issued and internally by LMU’s Janie Steckenrider, PhD and Chair, Department of Political Science: “We have all had front row seats to the myriad of ways that Michael ‘teaches’ and we are thrilled that Michael is now being recognized by APSA. Michael is the consummate teacher scholar. His teaching extends far beyond the classroom to the many internships, grants, study abroad programs, scholarships and institutes he has developed in his goal to provide students with a broad range of educational opportunities.I want to share a little known story that demonstrates the extent of Michael’s outreach to ensure that students can avail themselves of educational experiences. Years ago Michael developed a White House internship program and the student selected that summer was going to have to decline because she didn’t have the appropriate clothes for the White House and could not afford to purchase any. Determined that this student was not going to miss out on a once in a lifetime educational experience, Michael…

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