Linda & Richard Eyre: What is the most important aspect of your child's education?


How important are kids’ grades in elementary school? In junior high? In high school? How do we motivate our kids to get higher grades and be more competitive? How do we prepare them for tests such as the SAT and other college entrance requirements? Are private schools worth what they cost and will they get a child into a better college or university? What are the things prestigious universities look at, and how can we be sure our children have checked off those boxes?

Or should we be asking some other things, such as how do we teach our children values? How do we help them discover their unique gifts and interests and talents? How to we help them think for themselves? What are their educational options? Are we focused on who our kids really are and not on some preconception of them as an extension of our own egos, of what we want them to be or wish we…


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