Lexington Christian Academy Students Dazzled by Wayfair and Perkins+Will trips

I found it very interesting how there are many aspects that go into a project such as communicating back and forth with project managers and joining your ideas with those of forty other people.

It makes a lot of sense that an e-commerce company full of young talent like Wayfair boasts a warm, open office space. It makes even more sense that a company that markets and sells home goods has a wide range of impeccably chosen furniture in each meeting space. But for many students, it was their first time in such a workplace, and their experience was stunning. “The casual, creative environment with all the open space…not all companies are like that!” exclaimed sophomore Clark Jin (Lexington, MA).

Sitting down with Vice President of Brand Marketing Nancy Go, students were given an insider’s look at how advertising campaigns are created, targeted, and deployed. Sophomore Wendy Xi (Lexington, MA) was amazed at how a marketing campaign could be evaluated in real-time from the minute an advertisement aired by viewing spikes in website traffic during television commercial breaks. “I gained a better understanding of how a company will gradually adjust their target to cater to the market.”

Other students, like Mariah Walter (Melrose, MA), were fascinated by how data-driven the fields of business and marketing were. Vice President of Pricing and Profitability, John Kim, joined the presentation to explain the extraordinary level of detail that goes into complex tasks like calculating pricing algorithms and identifying the ideal location for a new major shipping hub. After the trip, Mariah remarked, “I learned a lot about how quantitative skills can be used in the business field. I am very interested in business and our trip to Wayfair has…

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