Letter to President Buhari of Nigeria

The Suprim Investments has confirmed that a letter was sent to the President of Nigeria proposing some strategic actions that can be taken to rapidly resolve the key challenges facing Nigeria.

It is now the case that the Nigerian government is currently bugged down by THREE major road blocking challenges. These are

1. Economic Development Challenges

2. Anti-Corruption Challenges

3. Anti-Security Challenges.

Based on the allied subjects relating to the “Economic Advancements of Nations”, the President is hereby advised to use this opportunity to begging to implement this major proposal to deal with the key problems currently affecting Nigeria. If the programmes below are carried out properly and urgently then the government will not only resolve the challenges above but will also begin to move Nigeria forward on the road to Industrialisation. The proposals are


In the present Nigeria, ours is a market economy, an economy with a huge propensity to buy and sell, an economy with the highest population in Africa, indeed it is an economy that does not get tired of hustling despite the poor provisions that have been made available for this market, Nigeria. Surely, we must change that.

The proposal is for the government to start to build a comprehensive national network of railways that will pass through all the state capitals in Nigeria.

The map below shows the proposed routes for the National Railway Network;

NB: All the hand drawn lines are the proposed East/West and North/South Networks (altogether there are 9 Networks)

A better presentation of this map can be arranged if required, indeed a prototype with actual trains can be arranged for your office and for presentation to key stakeholders.

Research has shown that a comprehensive…

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