Lawmen Make Their Own Prison Rules in ‘Behind the wire – Justice’

Correctional officer and author Gordon Collis takes readers behind bars in his new novel, where frustrations at injustices and the limitations of the system are addressed with extreme prejudice through extrajudicial means. “Behind the wire – Justice” (published by Xlibris AU) follows men of the law as they infiltrate the heart of the criminal underworld, where crime lords conspire in the place where punishment and rehabilitation are supposed to take place – prison.

Three high court judges, a federal politician and the governor of a prison have become fed up with the evils they see is destroying the legal system. Their intention is to infiltrate the criminal underworld and stop its bosses from abusing the law, from standing over the weak. To do this, they must go to prison and work undercover, but they are playing a game that has no rules, a game where the loser dies. Readers will see how these law abiders stay out of harm’s way from the inmates they themselves imprisoned, and the narrative asks how these men will restore the integrity of the law, when their very law skirts its boundaries.

Collis’ own real experiences with the prison system, his own encounters with the injustices permeating within the system, the ways criminals manipulate it to create loopholes, enables him to create a fresh new take on the crime fiction genre, a unique take of vigilante justice shaped by the realities the author has seen.

Behind the wire – Justice” is a story about prison life, prisoners, greed, corruption within the police force and the legal profession. At its heart, it gives an insight to prison life from the aspect of a correctional officer

“Behind the wire – Justice”

By Gordon Collis

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 656 pages | ISBN…

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