Laid low with a cold? Expert reveals the 5 best decongestants in your local pharmacy

Laid low with a cold? Dr Adam Frosh, an ear nose and throat consultant at the Lister Hospital, Stevenage, chooses five of the best decongestants.


£12.81, 50 sachets, from Amazon and Lloyds Pharmacy

This comes with sachets of a salt and sodium bicarbonate solution, and a little squirter bottle to administer it. 

You squeeze some of the solution up one nostril and it drizzles out the other.

This is a drug-free option that helps you physically clear the mucus.

It will also clear out the viruses and bacteria up there and allows the little hairs cells that line the nasal passage to work better at pushing any mucus along the nose.

The salt solution also helps to reduce swelling in the nasal passage. Nasal irrigation has a lot of good evidence and is the new hot thing in terms of decongestants.


£4.19 for 10ml, from chemists

This contains…

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