Knife-wielding thug tried to rob the wrong corner store

A feisty shop assistant had a real-life “Crocodile Dundee” moment when she produced her own blade to scare off a knife-wielding robber.

Fearless Lorraine McCalliskey, 36, turned the tables on the hooded thug after telling him: “Come on then, let’s have a go if you want to have a go.”

McCalliskey – who was on her own in the store – refused to be cowed when the crook walked into her corner shop and produced a steak knife.

He tried to order her to open up the cash register but fled empty-handed when she picked up her own knife from under the counter and chased him out and up the street in Tiverton, Devon, a small town 165 miles west of London.

The drama unfolded as McCalliskey was preparing to close up The Mini Market at 10 p.m. on November 8 and the man walked in, covered head to toe in black with only his eyes visible.

She said: “I always thought this would happen one day and I was thinking ‘this is happening now.’”

Lorraine McCalliskey (right) and corner store owner Alizon MartinSWNS

“I thought ‘Do I have time to get my knife out?’”

“I went to the cash register and under the register is where we have a small packing knife for stationery. I pulled it out and said ‘Come on then, let’s have a go if you want to have a go.’”

“It was quite surreal. If he put his arm out with the knife he was close enough to have stabbed me. He was using it to gesture.”

“He had his knife downwards but I had mine right in front of me.”

“I thought later that I could have grabbed a bottle of wine from the shelf and whacked him over the head.”

“For a moment I thought, ‘Shall I give him the money?’ Then I thought ‘No, I’m not going to give him the money, I’m going to get a knife.’ I suppose it was the adrenaline kicking in.”

“When I said ‘let’s have a go’, he jumped back.”

McCalliskey said she initially thought the intruder was wrapped up because he was cold until she saw his knife.

She added: “I was in the…

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