Kitcast Unveils Data-Driven Future of Digital Signage

Screens are the one of the best communication channels when you need to engage the end customer. And Kitcast is the future of screens.

Kitcast has launched the first digital signage application for AppleTV, which offers an intuitive digital signage software for any size business. It allows the user to show content on any screen using just an Apple TV, instead of expensive and hard-to-use digital signage players. Based on machine-learning, smart algorithms and data science, Kitcast changes the meaning of digital screens for businesses. With Kitcast, businesses can increase brand popularity, effectively inform and motivate employees, improve corporate communications and corporate culture, promote new products, make more money, show real-time information, entertain viewers, and build trust.

“The Kitcast app was developed with the integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart algorithms, and innovative technologies, which will make business processes smoother, and devices will be simple enough for everyone to use,” said Egor Belenkov, CEO of Kitcast. “We have created a digital signage solution that works effortlessly.”

Kitcast does not require advanced tech skills or computer proficiency, unlike other digital signage software.

AppleTV was chosen as the primary device for the app because it is an undisputed leader in the media player market, striving to offer usability, security, speed, reliability and power. This gives businesses flexibility, as they are no longer required to choose a digital signage player, which are oftentimes complicated and demand additional tech skills to set up.

Kitcast is built with a smart algorithm, which understands a business’s needs, and very soon it will be able to advise the creator…

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