Kate Moss snubs Gigi Hadid in Instagram post promoting new Stuart Weitzman campaign

Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid working together might sound like a designer’s dream come true, but when the supermodel duo promoted their new Stuart Weitzman independently on social media, fans couldn’t help but notice one crucial difference.

While 22-year-old Hadid posted a series of behind-the-scenes shots from the campaign that featured both models, Moss uploaded just a single snap from the shoot in which Hadid’s face is blocked out by a piece of equipment.

Naturally, this prompted a legion of Hadid fans to lambaste Moss for what they perceived as an intentional snub.

“Wow, let’s post a pic with a camera blocking the face of a model that has 40 million followers and not even tag her. @katemossagency great narcissistic post,” wrote one disgruntled commenter.

“Why even mention Gigi if you are going to cut her out! So insecure,” added another.

However, some have been quick to point out that Moss’ account, @katemossagency, is run by her eponymous talent agency that Hadid is not signed to, which might explain why she was snubbed from the post.

“The account is her agency’s page and Gigi isn’t signed to that agency so why should she be shown? Easy to work out,” wrote one savvy commenter.

“She certainly did not cut her out. This pic was taken of her by a photographer. That person focused on her. Jeez people,” added another.

Meanwhile, the single snap regarding the campaign on @katemossagency differed vastly from the series of three which Hadid posted, in which the two models can be seen embracing and laughing together on set.

Posting all three images alongside the same gushing caption, Hadid wrote: “I had the great honor and pleasure of shooting the new @stuartweitzman campaign with the one and only Kate.

@katemossagency , I had the greatest time with you, and am forever touched by your spirit and presence.”

The young model’s fans were equally as enthusiastic about the partnership, leaving a string of…

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